Living Ahimsa Vow

Peace with Living Ahimsa

Your peaceful self will unlock endless bliss, calm and healing

More than 1,000,000 people have taken the Vow of Ahimsa

The Vow of Ahimsa is the simplest way to find and share the common goal of non-hurting, non-violence. Ahimsa. Take it.

We renew hope in our lives (and in our world) once we sum up the courage to make a firm commitment to inner harmony and self-peace. Through the Vow of Ahimsa we disseminate healing vibration to each other and throughout the world. Indeed, the future of our earth is riven with nature’s massive movements and reorientations, with a prescient decree of death, tragedies, and destruction. Ultimately, it is the human person who has the power to change darkness into light, ignorance and intolerance into wisdom and understanding. We must take back the world! That is, the inner world of harmony and love. First, peace must start within. It starts with me! If we can remain poised in remembering “I am Love”, “I am Ahimsa”, we become the very instrument of peace. Simply by utilizing each and every ray of light that streams into our awareness, we can pierce through to the bottom of darkness and expose hope and love. After all, these are transformers that conduct light into lightness and intelligence into knowing. The intent of this Vow is to unite the millions of peace lovers and hundreds of peace organizations throughout the world through the simple practice of taking The Vow of Ahimsa-the powerful, yet simple intention to pursue peace and harmony in our thoughts, speech, and actions: Ahimsa.

Thus far, I have take the Living Ahimsa Peace Mandala to a few hundred communities ~ in Brazil, Australia, Canada, USA, UK and India. I have witnessed numerous miracles of healing in each and every person who lit the light of Ahimsa within themselves. The Vow teaches us how to remember to remember whom we are as the divine instrument of love, peace, harmony. As we embark into the Golden Age, our minds and hearts are being naturally retooled with sentiency necessary to meet the cosmic requirements of a new emerging reality. In fact, at the energetic level, there is little we need do to merge with the flowing current of awareness. However, at the physiological and psychic level, we have got massive boulders to move, challenges to cut through, the inner work to be done! In part, due to the inheritance of past karmas and ancestral memories, we have concretized inured patterns, habits, needs and desires. To rise to the demand of this time, we must be prepared to dismantle these patterns; thin out of the encasements of body, mind, will and ego. We do so by becoming more attentive to our inner processes, needs and states of being. Now is the time to reclaim awareness by being present in and with ourselves. Here is what happens as we take and retake the Vow of Ahimsa. It helped me to center my intelligence, and maintain balance. Once we muster up courage to change our habits, and the discipline it requires to do the practice, we support a new integrative way of thinking and being. In this way, we unwittingly embrace everyone. We move in harmony with our own dharma and forge forward in the cosmic sway of a new dawn. May we all develop fullness of heart and receive the divine blessing in this inspirational movement in Mother Nature’s perfect divinity.