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What to Expect at the Living Ahimsa Event
On the Living Ahimsa World Tour Maya Tiwari presents the imperative work for humanity to take back the world of harmony and happiness. She teaches us to cement the indelible bonds that bind us together as a human family- love, humor, enlightenment, kindness and compassion. At each venue, the work has been reaching groups of 100 - 500 participants. As the tour continues, we are seeing an exponential increase of numbers. In Australia, there were 1000 and more participants in several venues. The Living Ahimsa World Tour comprises an inspiring education of the Whole Self, along with potent practices to achieve inner harmony, happiness and wellness. A brief description of the program, follows:
  • Maya Tiwari introduces the mission of Living Ahimsa Vow (Vrata)
  • Mother guides a Living Ahimsa Meditation session. This contemplative practice provides a powerful means for participants to keep the Vow thriving in the mind and spirit (thoughts, speech and action).
  • The Vedic tradition is the ancient treasure trove of wisdom. The necessity for Vedic knowledge in the popular culture is evident in the prevalent usage of Vedic terminology and ideology: Sanskrit expressions such as Avatar, mantra, guru, pandit, shakti, karma, dharma, and yoga, to name a few.
  • Mother engages a Q & A session to clarify ancient Sanskrit terminology, such as "Sankalpa" "Vrata", and "Sakshi". These universal and spiritual concepts are central to the humane education of Living Ahimsa, and shed light on frequently asked questions such as what is a "Sankalpa" versus what is an "Intention" or a "Vrata versus "Vow".
  • Maya Tiwari unfolds the Origins of Living Ahimsa with her usual brilliant, but accessible style. She elucidates the wisdom-based tradition of Sanatana Dharma -peaceful and universal way of life that is the foundation of Hinduism.
  • Mother teaches the Living Ahimsa Vow in its entirety. Each participant who wishes to take the vow recites the vow affirmation while placing their offering upon the earth in creation of the mandala.
  • The creation of the Living Ahimsa Peace Mandala is at the heart of this communal practice. No set mandala pattern is laid out. Each mandala creation takes own its own distinct shape, texture, form and color in keeping with the underlying energy patterns of that community's indigenous forebears, influenced by the collective Sankalpa of the community. This poignant observation speaks for itself when viewing the striking images of the Living Ahimsa Mandalas created during the Australian leg of the Tour.
  • An evening Satsanga with Maya Tiwari concludes the event in each community: Mother's mellifluous voice shaktifies the vibration of celebration, joy, humor, harmony and love. Often accompanied by local and indigenous musicians, Mother teaches and performs Vedic chants and mantras for cultivating a life of ahimsa. The Living Ahimsa Celebration concludes the session.
Noteworthy: Living Ahimsa education and work is intended for each and every person who seeks inner harmony. We appeal to participants from a multitude of religious cultures and social traditions. Living Ahimsa recognizes the sanctity we share with each and every person, and embraces all religions, traditions and cultures on the path of peace.

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