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Hinduism have never been merely a religion, a philosophy, or a society. It is the most ancient tradition of refuge for the wisdom of Self, the sanctuary of inwardness, the labyrinth of the conscious heart. Its vast knowledge and interworking of the principle of Isvara- the Awareness that leads to absolute freedom of the human journey, is unmatched. In reality, it is the only complete living system that we know of which fosters the uncompromising freedom of the individual to soar beyond the boundaries of ancestry, religion, and tyranny. For these reasons, Hinduism might well remain forever feared, downgraded, and reviled by the politic of powerful societies.

-- Maya Tiwari

The Creator of the world sought the Mother Goddess with veneration when she was shrouded in the depth of the ocean. A vessel of gladness, long cherished in secret, the earth was revealed to human kind for their joy.

O Mother Earth, may your dwellings flourish for us. May the Earth be free from sickness and wasting. Grant us a long and conscious life, so may we always offer our reverence to you.

O Earth, O Mother, dispose my life and karma in gentle fashion that I am always at ease. O Mother, in grace and good fortune, establish me in harmony with all your powers of the heavens.

Praise to the Prana- breath of life - praise to your uproar. Praise to your thunder. Praise to your lightning. Praise for your rain. Praise be the breath of life.

Just as the magnanimous earth bore the seed of all life, so may you carry or foster the child and nurture the children of ahimsa.

If we perceive our own faults as we do the faults of others, could misfortune ever come to us?

Agni - hidden in the two fire-sticks and well guarded by the mother like a child in her womb - is revered day after day by people who are awakened to consciousness and by those who offer oblations to Agni, transformative fire.

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