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The mission of My Peace Vow is to unite the millions of peace lovers and hundreds of peace organizations throughout the world through the simple practice of taking The Vow of Ahimsa-the powerful, yet simple intention to pursue peace and harmony in our thoughts, speech, and actions: Ahimsa.

Each one of us can transform ourselves into an instrument of peace. Each one of us can transcend global borders and boundaries and align with all faiths, religions, and cultures in creating harmony and a life of joy and abundance.

My Peace Vow is the simplest forum for each and every person who seeks the common goal of non-hurting, non-violence, and the renewal of hope in their lives (and in their world) to make a commitment to inner harmony and self-peace. Through My Peace Vow we can disseminate this healing vibration throughout the world. Indeed, the future of our earth is riven with nature's massive movements and reorientations, with a prescient decree of death, tragedies, and destruction.

Ultimately, it is the human person who has the power to change darkness into light, ignorance and intolerance into wisdom and understanding. We must take back the world! That is, the inner world of harmony and love. If we can remain poised within, we can create inner harmony. Simply by utilizing each and every ray of light that streams into our awareness, we can pierce through to the bottom of darkness and expose hope and love. After all, these are transformers that conduct light into lightness and intelligence into knowing.

Our objective is to get 1 billion world citizens to take The Vow of Ahimsa either in person at Living Ahimsa-The Power of Peace World Tour 2009-2012 (led by Maya Tiwari) or by taking the vow online at

Noteworthy: Living Ahimsa education and work is intended for each and every person who seeks inner harmony. We appeal to participants from a multitude of religious cultures and social traditions. Living Ahimsa recognizes the sanctity we share with each and every person, and embraces all religions, traditions and cultures on the path of peace.

"Living Ahimsa" is a trademark of the Living Ahimsa Foundation and all materials are copyright by the Living Ahimsa Foundation. References to Living Ahimsa® program may be made in other publications and other websites provided the context clearly refers to the Maya Tiwari as the founder of the program with this attribution containing a link back to the web site.
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