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Living Ahimsa
The ultimate power of peace is in your control

A-HIM-SA, is a Sanskrit word which means "absence of the desire to hurt". In Living Ahimsa education, we learn that the best way to improve the world is to improve oneself, rather than tell others how to live. The most arduous battle of all is the war within a mind in conflict, in other words, the mind which is consumed by ambition, hurt, hatred, and anger.

The Mother of Ahimsa

Maya Tiwari is the founder of Living Ahimsa: The Power of Peace -a program where she introduced the extraordinary practice of The Vow of Ahimsa for the imperative awakening of global consciousness. Since the advent of 9/11, she has been tirelessly advocating The Vow of Ahimsa as a profound solution to the current miasma of personal, social, and communal conflicts. She presents the deepest value of ahimsa in terms of doing the inner work to cultivate personal awareness. Maya Tiwari is living proof that a life of inner harmony is the greatest value among human accomplishments. Maya Tiwari's unique journey of the Living Ahimsa as a Spiritual Mother reflects the greatness of her purpose. She is tailor-made for the present challenges of our time, bringing to the world's culture many unique gifts and qualities. Mother transcends language, social, cultural, and religious boundaries, and dissolves outdated clichés about human spirituality while being stoic to her Vedic roots. She is a Mother who serves tirelessly and is accessible to all people. At the 2009 -2012 Living Ahimsa World Tour, Mother continues to guide thousands of participants in each country into the Vow of Ahimsa.

What is Living Ahimsa

Living Ahimsa- the Power of Peace is a time-proven way to heal millions of lives by transforming disease, poverty and despair into health, harmony and prosperity. This work is centered on the cultivation of personal awareness. It is the maternal life force within us, the gold that we can mine to harvest a shared sense of accountability with each other and respect for the good earth.

Living Ahimsa is humanity's work - a primal call to take back the world! That is, the world within. We must cultivate ahimsa into the inner terrain of the human mind, emotion, and purpose. Ultimately, it is the human person who has the power to change darkness into light, ignorance and intolerance into wisdom and understanding. If we can remain poised within, we can create inner harmony. Simply by utilizing each and every ray of light that streams into our awareness, we can pierce through to the bottom of darkness and expose hope and love. After all, these are transformers that conduct light into lightness and intelligence into knowing.

At this extraordinary moment in time, we are called to make a commitment to Living Ahimsa -the life-honored oath to investing in personal harmony; to reject violence; to listen and hear each other; to respect both our individual and collective ancestral traditions. In so doing, we can start to shift global consciousness into the mind of peace to overcome the culture of hurt and violence.

Indeed, we are in a time of massive transition-from dark days of centuries-long human activities that have been injuring the Mother Consciousness. Now, in the broken pieces of social, economic, emotional and spiritual security, we have a golden chance to see the light, and the only way each one of us can do this is to garner the awareness necessary to be a torch for hope, love and light. For this, you must slim down the excesses, gather your dreams closer, and protect ahimsa. You must know that each one of us has the ultimate power of peace in our control. You can transition the hectic pace of these times with serenity and peace of mind. Take the Vow of Ahimsa-the imperative path to safeguarding inner harmony and wellness for all.

"Living Ahimsa" is a trademark of the Living Ahimsa Foundation and all materials are copyright by the Living Ahimsa Foundation. References to Living Ahimsa® program may be made in other publications and other websites provided the context clearly refers to the Maya Tiwari as the founder of the program with this attribution containing a link back to the web site.
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