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Living Ahimsa Goals

Take Back the World ~ Become the Light you strive for!
  • In making the Vow of Ahimsa a first priority in your life, you awaken your ability to access your personal awareness by transforming thoughts, speech and action.
  • This program arouses personal awareness, thereby creating an instant shift in global consciousness.
  • Living Ahimsa invokes your memory of joy and harmony, and wellness.
  • Through Living Ahimsa you take back the world! That is, your inner world of peacefulness.
  • As a profound Personal Peace Initiative of the century, the intention of this work is to heal millions of lives; transforming disease, poverty and despair into health, harmony and prosperity.
  • Living Ahimsa honors the sanctity of each person, all species, Mother Earth and her sacred resources.
  • Living Ahimsa is packed with prescient wisdom, holding the best promise for global transformation of consciousness.

Achieving Your Ahimsa Goals

    This program is designed with the following inter-active components:
    Taking the Vow of Ahimsa
    Create your Own Peace Mandala
    Daily Contemplation of Ahimsa in your thoughts, speech and actions
    Sharing the Vow of Ahimsa
    Practicing Ahimsa Meditation
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