Living Ahimsa is the highest purpose of humanity. Now is the time for each and every one of us who is committed to the explosion of inner peace - ahimsa - to rise, and soar in celebration. Since its official inauguration in 2009, at the Parliament of the World's Religions in Melbourne, Australia, the Peace Mandala has attracted more than 150,000 participants worldwide who have taken The Vow of Ahimsa. My most ardent experience in this life is that of having witnessed the exquisite awakening of heart, the outpouring of joy from each and every participant who placed their peace seeds onto the Mandala as we uttered our commitment to the Vow of Ahimsa. The human touch connects us to the power of the pure seed memory. Miraculously, we begin to remember the spiritual agreement we made with Mother Earth before birth- that is our immutable bond with her. In healing ourselves, we nourish peace and restore the splendor of love. We empower our individual memory while helping each other to awaken theirs. Each Peace Mandala becomes love, just love. The avowed peace seeds, enriched by our humming vibration are returned to the fertile ground of Mother Earth. Our collective intent is that each seed multiply by millions to sprout and bloom to feed the hungry, un-grieve the despairing, heal the wounded, and transform humanity heart into the gentle peace.
In Loving Service,
Maya Tiwari
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